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Control Agencies

Executive Body Members Information

Executive Body Member Name

Occupied Position

Rasulov Yorkin Gaforovich

Chairman of the Board

Qambarov Farrukh Hamroevich  

Director of commercial and industrial  

Khamidov Boburjon Ergashboy og'li

Chief of Financial Officer, New dewelopment and investment JSC "Navoi-Dori-Darmon" 

Supervisory Board

Board of Supervisors Member Name

Occupied Position

Asadov Saydulla Ismatovich

Chief of Production and Coordination Officer JSC "Dori-Darmon" 

Yunusov Anvar Khaydarovich

Director of the LLC "Integra DD" 

Eshbaev Yorkul Norkulovich

Chief Accountant of LLC "Dori-Darmon Invest"

Orziev Gulom Rizaevich

Founder of LLC "Khujai Jakhon Pharm"

Rajabov Farkhod Khazratovich

 Director of PE "Khazrati Alisher


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