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Privileged provision

Medicines for treatment at the clinic with a list of categories of individuals with a preferential right to be treated:

1. Oncological diseases.

2. Tuberculosis  patients.

3. Leprosy patients.

4. Endocrinological diseases (diabetes).

5. Mental diseases.

6. HIV-infected.

7. Heart valve prostheses and the unit operated on the move.

8.Lonely pensioners who need others’ help.

9. 1941-1945 war invalids and veterans, as well as people  equated to them.

10. 1941-1945 war veterans.

11. People with disabilities who participated in the liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident.

12. Warriors-Internationalists.

13. People of the retirement age who did military service in nuclear radiation ranges and other nuclear facilities.

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