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The development strategy of the society

The main strategic directions of “Navoiy Dori-Darmon“ JSS 

1.Provide people with the high- quality drugs and medical products,increase the types of drugs for sale

2.In social pharmacy operating system,to raise the number of pharmaceutical drugs prepared and packed In pharmacy conditions.

3.To know the demands of health centres for  necessary medicines and provide the continuous availability of medicines to such centres.

4.Giving medicines with prescription of the doctor to 13 different types of patients through their  pharmacies in accordance with the  Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 532 of December 2, 1997. 

5.Timely updating and preserving second group materials of “State and mobilization reserves”committee appertaining to  The Cabinet of Ministers.

6.To open retail shops and to increase the quality of sale services on the purpose of  improving financial condition of a company and create public  convenience and comply with their demands for medicines.

7.«Navoiy Dori-Darmon» JSS's main task is to get as much profit as possible and increase  shareholders' income in the form of dividends.

8.Constantly developing information and communication technologies which meet modern standards.

  Fully automatizing document circulation system.

9.Optimizating standard of selection of workers.Increasing salary.Saving social packet.Widening the sphere of  medical insurance services  of workers.Working out additional criterias of paying awards.Improving skills of workers in the sphere of information and communication through constantly teaching them in staff training courses.

10 Increasing sales circle in society by 40% from 2016 until 2020 and opening 5 social pharmacies.