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The structure, tasks, functions and rights

The above mentioned organizational structure of "Navoiy Dori-Darmon" JSS was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Num4720 in April 24,2015, and it was approved on the basis of the in 29.05.2015 y. and 26.05.2017 y.  general meetings of shareholders.

In this organizational structure,it was punctuated to put in force the position of director on commerce and production,replacing the position of the vice-chairman of community management,and putting in force the position of the director on financial issues,perspective development and investments,opening a new department called “A plan of  the development of business”.

            In addition, the Corporate Relations Division, the Department for the Production of Medicinal Products from Medicinal Plants and the position of a lawyer-consultant were introduced into the organizational structure.  

The organizational structure of the “Navoiy Dori-Darmon” JSS

Full names of the  heads of departments ,their  appointments, tasks, phone numbers and e-mail addresses

The heads of the departments

Last name


Their tasks

Phone numbers and e-mails

Sales and marketing department 

Abitova Gulnara Safarovna

Head of Sales and marketing department 


Marketing investigation based on  medicaments.Make marketing  investigations of medicines which are being imported and  being bought  in home markets.Lead wholesale trade with pharmaceutical products. Provide consumers with pharmaceutical products according to the terms of the contract. 


Provision department

Radjabova, Shakhnoza Hikmatovna 

Head of Provision department

Determining demand for medicaments and medical products.Checking the avaibility of pharmaceutical products in “Navoiy Dori-darmon”JSS pharmacies.Working together with pharmacy suppliers.Making a careful study of the availability of medicines and requirements for them



FITENB department

Khujimov Ahmad Khalikovich

head of FITENB department

Taking control of pharmaceutical norms in society pharmacies,their  filials and central warehouse.Urging new pharmacies to make preparations for getting licences.


Staff Department

Mirzaeva Rayida Utkurovna

head of the staff department

Taking control over the number of staff,choosing them, putting in their places,training and retraining,providing with qualified specialists. 



The accounting department (accounting). 

Khamidov Boburjon Ergashboy ugli

The director of  financial issues related to the future development and investments

Ensuring the conducting of accounting according to national standards. 



Business development planning department

Narzullaev Shukhrat Usmanovich.

The head of the business development planning department Analysing the results of financial-economic activities and working out projects of business plans

Taking control of accounting process.Taking control over using financial resources economically.Providing with necessary information in order to take control of observing the law in the process of socio-economic operations.


ICT Department

Shodiev Farhod Oripovich

The head of  implementing and developing ICT department

Putting in force and developing society information communication technologies,operating a web-site in accordance with the requirements of the society


Chancery Division

Kadirova Princess Uxtamovna 

The head of the Chancery Division

Registering the documents coming from legal entities,taking control of the number of documents and taking control over the  document circulation based on the requirements of normative documents.


Control analysis lab department.

Mamatov Abdurashid Rakhimovich

The head of the control analysis lab department.

Analysing the results of GOST standard analysis of medicaments brought to the lab according to the contract.


Economics department.

Shukhrat O'rakovich Egamberdiyev.

The head of the economics department

Organising the supply of materials and economy-engineering tools of the society departments.Taking strict control over the use of energy  and utility services.(



Transportation Department.

Xayriev Ulugbek Zaynievich

The head of the transportation department

Organising transportation in company,carrying loads,taking control over the delivery and organizing the process truly.


The herbs production department.

Sa'dinova Safiya Abdukarimovna.

The head of the medicative plants production department

Developing the production of biologically active supplements and medicaments in local enterprises on the basis of herbs.



Drug warehouse department

Ulugov Bekmurod Xotamovich

The head of the drug warehouse department

Delivering medicines to private pharmacies,government institutions,financial institutions and pharmacies owned by the community.(



Acceptance and distribution department.

Nurillaeva Madinabonu Talibovna.

The head of the acceptance and distribution department

Taking control over the acceptance of medicaments coming to the community on the basis of a certificate and delivering them to warehouse departments in time.(


Legal adviser.

Akhmedova Nasiba Rustamboevna.

Society lawyer and adviser

Participating in the process of providing legality in the company, departments and increasing legal culture of the staff.Solving legal problems,providing legal protection in the court.




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